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A novel front-end automation approach for sample introduction, cleanup and collection

Summary A novel front-end system is shown that is capable of automated sample injection, solid-phase extraction and extract collection in sealed vials. Analysis methodology can be easily selected by means of the touchscreen of the Xprezzo. The combination with a multipurpose autosampler for extract collection emphasizes the system potential. Both the LC and online SPE mode show good linearity and repeatability. For extract collection the system flow path is dried with air. A compromise is made between drying time and the residual liquid inside the flow path. For Carbamazepine on a C18HD cartridge an elution volume of 180 ÁL was found to be most suitable. A good overall performance is shown for the complete inject, extract and collect approach, i.e., no analyte loss and linearity / repeatability that can measure up with default LC analysis.
Category 2. Symbiosis Application Notes
These are application notes that have been made in our application lab. They were based on customer demo's and customer method development requests. They include sorbent screening, a calibration curve and are optimized for carry over. They are not always (completely) validated
Market Clinical, CRO
Cartridge HySphere C18HD
Detection Jasco UV-2075 with TP cell, 285 nm
Compounds Carbamazepine
Compound Group
Sample_volume 100ÁL
Contact Anne Vos and Emile Koster
Account Spark Holland. B.V.
Published poster
Date 4-8-2015
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