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The analysis of urinary free cortisol by on-line solid phase extraction LC/MS/MS

Summary The measurement of urinary free Cortisol (UFC) is of clinical importance in the diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome. Cushing's is a disease caused by the autonomous and excessive production of cortisol. The majority of routine methods for determining 24 hr-UFC concentrations involve RIA or HPLC with UV detection. In general, the performance of immunoassays is limited due to the cross-reactivity of cortisol metabolites leading to the amounts of UFC being over estimated.1,2 In clinical laboratories, LC/MS/MS is now becoming more common due to the gains in specificity and accuracy compared to immunoassays.3In this application note, we describe the analysis of UFC by an automated on-line solid-phase extraction (XLC) MS/MS technique. The method uses a Spark Holland Symbiosis™ automated SPE instru­ment coupled to a Waters® Quattro micro™ tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer
Category 3. Symbiosis User Application
These are applications that have been made by Symbiosis customers. They are validated and have been published.
Matrix Urine
Market Clinical, Forensic
Cartridge Waters Oasis HLB
Detection MS (Waters Quattro Micro)
Compounds Cortisol
Compound Group corticosteroids, glucocorticoid
Sample_volume 20 Ál
Contact Mrs. Lisa J. Calton, Mr. Gareth Hammond, Mr. Brian Keevil
Account Waters Corporation, Manchester and South Manchester University Hospital, Manchester, UK
Published Poster AACC 2007
Date 20-2-2008
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Remarks Limit of quantification is 0.5 ng/mL with a sample injection volume of 20 ÁL

Status Finished