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Enabling Low Level LC/MS Measurement of Analytes in Urine with Online SPE

Summary Many common LC /MS assays in the Clinical laboratory involve the analysis of various intrinsic compounds or xenobiotic drugs from urine. W hile typically free of components such as physiological proteins that can interfere with LC /MS analysis, urine contains a relatively high concentration of salts and other ions that can interfere with LC /MS. T hese salts can cause potential problems in an LC /MS assay by interfering with chromatography or causing ion suppression or background interference in MS detection. One common technique to avoid some of the analytical problems caused by urine samples is to prepare samples for LC /MS by Solid P hase Extraction (SPE). Use of SPE allows analytes of interest to be separated from interfering salts and other ions and help enable low levels of detection with MS. In this study, the effects of using the Masstrakô Online SPE Analyzer for the LC /MS analysis of an analyte in urine is presented.
Category 2. Symbiosis Application Notes
These are application notes that have been made in our application lab. They were based on customer demo's and customer method development requests. They include sorbent screening, a calibration curve and are optimized for carry over. They are not always (completely) validated
Market OSM Clinical
Compound Group
Account Waters Corporation
Published Product Solution
Date 4-8-2015
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