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Rapid identification of drugs and medications in meconium by XLC-QqTOF

Summary Pregnant woman with a history of drug abuse often deny or report only minimally the true extent of their drug exposure. The rapid analysis of a broad-spectrum of drugs in neonatal meconium (fig.1) - a complex, heterogeneous composition consisting of e.g. water, epithelial cells, bile acids, enzymes, sugars, lipids and proteins [1] - has a significant impact on the prompt diagnosis (e.g. neonatal abstinence syndrome - NAS) and to facilitate treatments. Our aim was to develop a rapid drug screening method for the identification of toxicologically relevant substances in human meconium based on automated on-line extraction, HPLC, QQTOF and software assisted library search (XLC-QQTOF). Meconium specimens (n=35) were sent from delivery hospitals from infants of mothers who were suspected (or to be known) to be drug consumers and analyzed via XLC-QQTOF.
Category 2. Symbiosis Application Notes
These are application notes that have been made in our application lab. They were based on customer demo's and customer method development requests. They include sorbent screening, a calibration curve and are optimized for carry over. They are not always (completely) validated
Matrix meconium
Market Clinical
Cartridge Waters WCX Cartridge
Detection Triple TOF 5600 (AB Sciex)
Compounds Lidocaine (11), paracetamol (8), norfentanyl (6), metoclopramide (5), O-desmethyl-/ tramadol (4/4), hydrocortisone (3), ranitidine (3), ampicilline (2), bupivacaine (2), lopinavir (2), nordazepam/oxazepam, temazepam (2/1/1), quetiapine/N-desalkyl-/7-OH-, (2/2/2), antipyrine (1), atazanavir (1), chlorprotixene (1), haloperidol (1), nalbuphine (1) nor-/ olanzapine(1/1) and phenobarbital (1).
Compound Group Drugs of Abuse, Drugs
Sample_volume 1 mL
Contact Thomas Grobosch, Robert Richter, Torsten Binscheck-Domass
Account Labor Berlin - Charité Vivantes GmbH, Laboratory Medicine and Toxicology, Sylter Str. 2, 13353 Berlin, Germany.
Published published
Date 4-8-2015
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