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A completely automated SPE/LC/MS method for the analysis of cocaine and metabolites in whole blood

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Forensic  Group: Cocaine, DOA, Drugs of Abuse

Cocaine, Ecgonine, Ecgonine methyl ester, Benzoylecgonine, Cocaethylene, BZE 
HySphere MM-Anion  8-8-2008 
Fully Automated Determination in the Low Nanogram per Liter Level of Different Classes of Drugs of Abuse in Sewage Water by On-Line Solid-Phase Extraction-Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray-Tandem Mass Spectrometry

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Environmental  Group: Cocainics, Amphetamine, Opiates, Cannabinoids, LSD

Cocaine, Benzoylecgonine, Cocaethylene, amphetamine, MDMA, Ecstacy, Pseudoephedrine, Ephedrine HCl, Ephedrine, Metamphetamine,Heroine, Morphine, 6-am, 6-acetylmorphine, THC, Nor-THC, OH-THC, LSD, Nor-LSD, O-H-LSD 
PLRP-S and Oasis HLB  23-5-2008 
Determination of THC-COOH in Urine

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Toxicology, Clinical, Forensic  Group: THC-COOH, Carboxy delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol

THC-COOH, Carboxy delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol 
HySphere C8EC SE  1-7-2009 
Urinary 5_HIAA measurement using automated on-line solid-phase extraction-high-performance liquid chromatography- tandem mass spectrometry

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Clinical  Group: Serotonin, Serotonin metabolite

5-HIAA, 5-Hydroxyindole-3-acetic acid, 5-HT, 5-Hydroxytryptamine 
HySphere Resin GP  8-8-2008 
Tetracycline antibiotics in raw milk sample

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Food  Group: Tetracyclines, Antibotics, Antibiotics

Oxytetracycline, Tetracycline, Chlorotetracycline, Doxycycline 
PLRP-S  5-8-2008 
Analysis of 17 polar to semi-polar pesticides in the Ebro river delta during the main growing season of rice by automated on-line solid-phase extraction-liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry

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Environmental, Food  Group: Pesticides, polar Pesticides

Bentazone, MCPA, 2-4-D, Mecoprop, Simazine, Cyanazine, Chlortoluron, Isoproturon, Atrazine, Diuron, Propanil, Molinate, Metolachlor, Alachlor, Malathion, Fenitrothion, Diazinon 
HySphere Resin GP  23-5-2008 
High-throughput on-line solid-phase extraction–liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous analysis of 14 antidepressants and their metabolites in plasma

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Clinical   Group: Antidepressants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors (SNaRIs), noradrenergic and specific sero¬tonergic antidepressants (NaSSAs) and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors (NaRIs)

Trazodone, Fluvoxamine, Norflouxetine, Paroxetine, Citalopram, Venlafaxine, Fluoxetine, Desipramine, Nortriptyline, Norclomipramine, Imipramine, Sertraline, Amitriptyline, Clomipramine 
Oasis MCX  10-8-2007 
The measurement of plasma free metanephrines using automated on-line SPE HPLC-MS/MS

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Clinical   Group: Metanephrines

Metanephrine, normetanephrine 
Oasis WCX  20-2-2008 
The analysis of urinary free cortisol by on-line solid phase extraction LC/MS/MS

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Clinical, Forensic  Group: corticosteroids, glucocorticoid

Waters Oasis HLB  20-2-2008 
Automated On-line Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with HPLC for measurement of 5-Hydoxyindole-3-acetic Acid in urine

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Clinical  Group: indoles

5-Hydoxyindole-3-acetic Acid, 5-HIAA 
HySphere Resin GP  8-8-2005